Creativity Builders - Star Challenge

In my CREATIVITY workshop I have students take THE PLEDGE.
Why don't you make THE PLEDGE yourself?

I,   [your name] , pledge to let myself make mistakes.  I
that all great people make mistakes when they are trying 
new, or trying to become better at something.

Do you ever feel like your brain is 'full?'  Too many thoughts crowding around in there?
When I feel that way, I do a BRAIN DRAIN. 

Operation Brain Drain

Write for three pages. Don't stop. It doesn't matter what you write (even if you write "This is stupid, this is stupid, this is stupid…!")  When you're done you can recycle the paper, shred it, or wallpaper your room with it, but now your brain has room to breathe…AND CREATE!



"Super-Vision" drawing exercise (you will need a pencil and paper for this):  Position your non-dominant hand (the one you don't write with) in front of you comfortably.  With the pencil in your dominant hand, start drawing exactly what you see.  Here's the catch:  DO NOT look at the paper.  Keep your eyes on your drawing subject (in this case, your hand).  Draw every crease, every curve, every fingernail.  Don't peek! 

When you have completed your hand sketch, take a look.  What you see may look sloppy or strange, but it will have the "feeling" of a hand to it.  Strive for that "feeling" in    your art.  Don't get locked into what you think you see, or what you think you should draw.  Look more deeply and really SEE.

variations:  Try other objects.  Try your family cat, or even your own face while looking in a mirror. 


"No-Lift" pencil sketch

"No-Lift" pencil sketch (as above, you will need pencil and paper):  Position your non-dominant hand in front of you again, but this time, don't lift your pencil from the page.  Allow each line, each fingernail, each crease, to be drawn in one continuous line from your pencil.  You may look at the paper, but try to resist the temptation of "doing it properly."  Allow your hand the freedom to explore the lines with more expression and movement.

 variations:  As in "Super-Vision," you can try many different objects.  Be creative.  Remember, it's not about the 'perfect' sketch.  It's about the process of sketching...of the connection you have with what you see. 

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