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Andrea is partnering with the middle-grade and young adult author Philip Roy to create the HAPPY THE POCKET MOUSE series, with Ronsdale Press.  Please visit Philip's website at  and Ronsdale Press at

Please check out another great website, at  Michele is Andrea's sister, and is a gifted writer, speaker and educator, as well as a philanthropist. With her husband Carl Gann and friend Liza de Guzman, Michele established Orphans Africa,, an organization devoted to the education of orphans and the empowerment of widows in Tanzania, and has been instrumental in building schools and dormitories, drilling wells for clean water, and providing employment for many widows. 

As well as Orphans Africa, there are many charities that do incredible work, here, and abroad. One of Andrea's very favorite organizations is the Mona Foundation. They fund educational projects around the world, regardless of race, religion, or gender. They are a grassroots organization, changing the world one child at a time.


Please support animal welfare and environmental groups so that we have a compassionate, caring world to leave to future generations. Some of Andrea's favorite organizations are the Nature Conservancy of Canada, World Wildlife FundOntario Nature, National Geographic Society, The Sierra Club, and World Animal Protection. Another favorite is the SOI Dog Foundation, which rescues and helps countless suffering dogs from the overseas dog meat market.

Many of these organizations are worldwide, and are great ways of making a difference on a global scale. You can also find local nature conservancy groups in your area, and make YOUR voice heard to protect animals and the environment! Yeah! 




forthcoming books
  • MOUSE VACATION, Book 4 in the Happy the Pocket Mouse series from Ronsdale Press | written by Philip Roy, illustrated by Andrea Torrey Balsara

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