Star Power: Bring Out the Star In You!

By Andrea Torrey Balsara

I love to write and paint. I love how every blank page, every blank canvas, is waiting, like a present that I'm about to open. But I don't always find it easy to write books, or paint, or draw.

Being creative isn't always easy--especially when we compare ourselves to someone else!

But here's the good news: THERE'S NO ONE QUITE LIKE YOU! The world needs you to be YOU.  If you just try to be like everyone else THE WORLD LOSES YOUR WAY OF SEEING THINGS!

Creativity means trusting yourself--trusting that mistakes lead to learning, which lead to mastery.


ACTIVITY:  Turn on your favorite music and get out some drawing paper!  Doodle to the sounds you hear, and let your hand move.  Try a different song.  Does your drawing change?  Try using different strokes: up and down strokes; curly lines; thick lines; smudge your lines...  With art, there is no wrong way.  There is only discovery.   

ACTIVITY:  Want another challenge?  Yeah!  I know you do!  Here is a list of words:

Flower   Sky   Spider   Hat   Rock   Shadow   Belly   Sand

Now turn your music back on (same music, or pick new stuff--it doesn't matter!) and write the first word on the list.  What does your mind think of?  Write it.  Now throw in the next word.  And the next.  It's like juggling for your brain!!  (Don't worry if it makes sense.  It probably won't.  But it will get your creativity flowing!) 

Make up your own list of words and try it again.  Have fun!

ACTIVITY:  Write a story about the picture below.  Who are these people?  Where are they?  The picture below shows one scene from the story.  Can you draw another scene in the story you have made up?  What are the people doing in it?  Can you think of a third drawing?  A fourth?  Does your story happen on another planet?  Does it happen here on Earth? 


Let your creativity BE FREE!

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