Jellybean Mouse

Publisher: Ronsdale Press
Released: September 30, 2014
ISBN-13: 9781553803447

JELLYBEAN MOUSE is the second tale in the exciting picture book series, “Happy the Pocket Mouse.” When a boring trip to the laundromat frustrates Happy’s insatiable appetite for adventure, Happy arrives at the laundromat in a funk, only to come face-to-face with his first jellybean machine. Thrilled with the discovery, Happy is confounded for a second time when John explains that he has only enough quarters for the wash. Refusing to give up, Happy makes a careful reconnaissance beneath the washing machines until he finds a quarter of his own. But the stingy machine conspires against the treasure-seeking mouse, steals his quarter, and refuses to release its jellybeans. Unwilling to accept defeat, Happy convinces John to tilt the machine until its sweet treasure spills out in abundance. No adventure is too small for a mouse with a prodigious appetite.