The Nightingale’s Song

Publisher: FriesenPress
Released: November 1, 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1-5255-5830-6

“Last night I had a dream

That my skin was brown, like mahogany.

My outside had changed, but my inside was ME,

And a nightingale sang from the nearby tree…”


Throughout one magical night, a child dreams of a world in which diversity is cherished, and the beauty of every child celebrated.


“Brothers and sisters we shall be,

Stars of one sky, leaves of one tree…”



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(Please note that although the “BUY” link  for this book is to a Canadian publisher, THE NIGHTINGALE’S SONG is available through Amazon and other online distributors, worldwide.)


2018 Nautilus Book Awards SILVER

“Better Books for a Better World”


This book was first released in 2018, but the original publisher closed its doors. Through a Kickstarter campaign, enough funds were raised to re-publish this book in 2019. It is with sincere thanks to the generous supporters listed below (and many others) that I am able to once again offer this book and its message of unity.


With heartfelt thanks, to:

My wonderful husband, Nav Balsara (Professional Hearing Services)

My daughters and son-in-law, Mehra Balsara, Kate Kuehn, and Mike Hampson

Michele Torrey and Carl Gann

Don and Norma Torrey

Nadim Kurji Law Professional Corporation (in Cobourg, ON) (with Nadim, Salima, Stefanie, Chris, and Laura, as well as the Ismaili Faith community)

Nived Joseph

Brenda Cockfield

Sherry Braine

Alan and Lorraine Manifold

Mary Remmel Wohlieb

Ben Edwards

Suzana Gordon

Sharon and Phil Hampson

Mary Laundree

Debbie Auld

Khor Balsara and Darrin Tooth, and family

Cathy Griggs

Sharon Gibson

Sylvie Chartrand

Joell Vanderwagen

Sarah Young and family

Nav Chenoy

Maneck and Jehangir Kotwal

John at B.N. Foods, Bowmanville

Kim Aubrey

Janice Skinner

Sarah Anne Seale

Francine Gillis and family

Anne and Tim Perry

Bernadette Peterson

Raymond Mullikin

Christy Weaver

Jody Townshend

Sam Owens

Eric Mondschein

Susan Melvin

Linda Rendulich

Nancy Lavoie

Dawn Johnson-Niemi

Sheri and Ethan Jeddy

Janet Imaki

Nieves Guijarro

Lynn Black

Carmel Behbs

Jennifer Barrett

Patricia Barner

Adrienne Torrey

Kate Ahearn

John Robinson

Candice Arlow

Barb Lachmar

Alethea Kehas

Donna Provance

Julia Gardner

Lynae Morningstar

Leila Merl and family

Gavin Ball

Mona Meyer

Cindy Cutler

Kristine Sommer

Eva Gold

We all have a part to play in making Unity in Diversity a reality.

I hope that every person on this list knows how much their support means to me.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

With Love and Unity,