I Dreamed a Dream

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It was daylight.

I was alone on a dirt road that stretched as far as I could see.

There were no houses…no trees…

Just me.

I glided along the road.

I couldn’t see my hands, or anything that would identify me as me.

“Who am I?” I wondered.

What did I look like?

What colour was I?

I didn’t know.

I tried guessing—I thought I was probably a deep brown.

But I wasn’t sure.

All I knew was that whatever I looked like,

I was me.

I dreamed that twenty-five years ago.

I had recently been introduced to the concept of Unity in Diversity, the understanding that although people were diverse, with different skin colours, different languages and ways of doing things, humanity was one.

The dream unseated my unconscious identity of myself as a woman with white skin. In the dream, I was just me. None of the cultural packaging of what being “white,” or “brown,” or “black” meant had any reality.

My picture book, The Nightingale’s Song, sprang from that dream.

It starts out,

“Last night, I had a dream,

That my skin was brown, like mahogany,

My outside had changed,

But my inside was ME,

And a nightingale sang from the nearby tree…”

The Nightingale’s Song is about the beauty of humanity, about how our diversity is a strength. Children reading this book see themselves in its pages, and see themselves as beautiful, as they are. 

It was published in 2018, but shortly thereafter the publisher closed its doors. In its short time out, it won silver in the Nautilus Book Awards as a book that promotes peace.

I am getting this book back out there. I am running a Kickstarter campaign through Kickstarter Canada, entitled, “Changing the World, One Child at a Time,” to fund its reprint.

As the nightingale sings in The Nightingale’s Song

“Brothers and sisters we shall be,

Stars of one sky, leaves of one tree.”

That dream changed me forever, and by its inspiration, I hope to be part of the change toward a world in which every human being is cherished.

Join me.

Visit my Kickstarter campaign, Changing the World, One Child at a Time, to back this project, and be a part of the change to make the world a place fit for children.


Guest author: Andrea Torrey Balsara ~ I Dreamed a Dream   


My Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

It isn’t every day that I launch a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, this is new to me, and SLIGHTLY out of my comfort zone. Okay, a LOT out of my comfort zone! But Unity in Diversity is an issue I care deeply about.

I care about it enough to get a little uncomfortable.

What IS Unity in Diversity, anyway?

It’s the awareness that we are all ONE. Just as there are flowers of different colours, shapes, and sizes in a flower garden, there are people who are different colours, shapes, and sizes (and ages!) in our human family.

We would never say that only red roses are allowed in a garden, as pretty as they are. Or white daisies. Or orange marigolds…you get the idea. If flower gardens are more beautiful because of their variety of colours, scents, shapes, and sizes, why is humanity any different?

Hint: It isn’t.

Diversity is a strength. Diversity means that where I am weak, your strength bolsters me up, and where you are weak, I can be strong. We can be strong together. Every people, every person, every child, is unique, precious, and beautiful.

The Nightingale’s Song brings that message of hope to children. Please support my kickstarter campaign, and be part of a worldwide shift toward UNITY.

Click here: http://kck.st/2nVNg34


And We Will Light Up This World



Why does the change of a number, 2018 to 2019, feel like a chance to take another try at things that have eluded us in the past? After all, every day, every moment, we have the chance to make different decisions, to live more fully, to wake up a bit more. But there is something about a new year that feels different…


2018 was a hard year. Midway through I had already dubbed it “The Great Scouring,” when assumptions I’d had were challenged, when my most cherished dreams were upended, and when everything I thought I knew was on the table. To be honest, I am glad it’s January 2019, and not 2018.


And yet…


2018 taught me that my worth isn’t measured in dollar signs. It taught me that the fate of the world is not just in my hands, but in the hands of a human collective worldwide that is working to bring true justice, unity, and dignity to all life. It taught me that in the face of corruption, cynicism, violence, and extremism, there are people of goodwill who will not back down. It taught me that doing something for love is, in the end, the only real reason to do something. Love transforms. It lights the darkness. It is the underlying purpose of life, running through the length of our days like an underground river.


Yes, every day I can make choices. Every day, I can wake up a little more. But now, at the break of a new year, I consciously choose to live more fully in each moment, to let go of trying to control the future, to be here, now. I consciously choose to reject the many messages of society which teach me that I am not enough. I choose love.


In 2019, if enough of us choose love, we will light up this world.